How to make your Work From Home commute worthwhile

If you’re one of many workers that have undergone the huge transition from a physical office to a virtual workspace, you’ve likely had to make a lot of changes to your daily routine. While some of these changes have been challenging, one adjustment that has received more praise than criticism is the elimination of the commute.

By no longer driving to an office, workers are saving huge amounts of time – an average of 35 minutes per day, in fact. Rather than spending these extra minutes on your phone or watching TV, consider using this time to create your own work from home commute.

What is a Work from home Commute?

While you can use your saved commute time to do anything you want, creating a consistent and productive schedule will help you feel accomplished and ready to face the rest of your day.

This, in essence, is your work from home commute – your daily routine transformed and augmented by the extra time you save by no longer commuting. It can be tempting to use extra commute time to sleep in and pull up to your work computer in your pajamas, but doing so will ultimately make you feel unrefreshed and unproductive.

Rather, think about all of the things you wish you had time to do but don’t because work interferes. A virtual commute is a perfect way to introduce those activities to your day.


Ideas for a Productive Work from home Commute

While you have the freedom to make what you want out of your virtual commute, you might be looking for some inspiration as you get started. Let’s take a look at some productive ways to make the most of your extra time.

  1. Put on Your Favorite Work Clothes

    Just because the office is gone doesn’t mean your dress shirts have to go with it! In fact, after dressing up for work for so long, your mind has been wired to connect work clothes with productivity. Not only does this get your head in the zone ahead of your workday, but it also boosts your confidence, as you’ll show up to meetings looking dapper and professional.

  2. Take a Walk

    Exercise is one of the most coveted things among busy working professionals. It’s so hard to find time to go to the gym or out for a stroll when your email is always calling your name. As hard as it is to get yourself out of bed early, you won’t regret getting in the habit of putting on tennis shoes and getting some steps in before your workday even starts.

  3.  Visualize the Day Ahead

    Do you have a goal for your day or an idea of what your workflow will look like? If not, you might be taken off guard when things don’t go as planned. Rather than walking into your day blind, sit down and picture how your day will go. This will help you set an intention and more easily correct yourself if something interrupts your workflow.

  4.  Brainstorm Great Ideas

    Whether you want to impress your boss with a strategic idea or figure out the best surprise party idea for your best friend, your virtual commute is a great time to brainstorm. Once work begins, creative ideas become easily buried beneath the countless tasks on your schedule, so take advantage of the time you have outside of your workday to think creatively.

  5. Challenge Your Brain

    Have you been wanting to learn a new language, try your hand at the piano, or complete a tricky puzzle? These are all great ways to get the cogs in your brain turning and ready to accomplish something great. Figure out a challenging activity that you would enjoy learning and give it a shot!

  6. Get Your Finances in Order

    Nobody wants to see unpaid bills after a long workday. Consider planning your budget and managing your finances first thing in the morning so that you can relax after a long day’s work. Go the extra mile by looking up investment opportunities to get some passive income rolling in on the side.


Your time is valuable, and it deserves to be respected. As you figure out what routine works best for you in the work from home format, keep your sights set on what you care about most in life and use your time to extract as much value from every minute as possible.

If you found these virtual commute ideas to be helpful and would like to see more, check out Tommy John’s visual below.

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