Know all about Affiliate marketing

Are you tired of waking up early? Driving to the office in those jammed streets with other half-asleep commuters. Slogging throughout the day, meeting client’s expectations, and gazing at the clock till it strikes 6 pm.
The next day the same thing again!
Sounds monotonous, right?
What if we say you can earn money any time anywhere, even when you are asleep?
Now here we bring you to the world of affiliate marketing.


Why be an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing


What is Affiliate marketing:

It’s a referral program where you, as an affiliate, will be earning a commission on successful sales by marketing products or services on behalf of other Company.


How do affiliate marketers get paid?

Pay per sale: Your primary job as an affiliate shall be to get the consumer to purchase the product, and accordingly, the vendor or the enterprise will pay a percentage of the sale price of that product.
Pay per click: This is one of the challenging tasks where you as an affiliate will have to engage your customer to the extent that they will be moving from the affiliate site (from the referral link you have to generate) to the vendor’s or the merchant’s site. Here the pay depends on the increase in web traffic.
Pay per lead: The compensation of an affiliate depends on the number of information you have successfully converted. It’s a bit of a complex system as you have to persuade your customer to visit the vendor’s website. Be able to guide the customer through various other stages, whether subscribing to your newsletter or filling a contact form or signing up for a trial of a product or a service or whatsoever.


Tips to help you make a successful Affiliate:

  • Extensive market research
  • Begin with reviewing products and services – you can check anything physical products or any travel booking services.
  • It’s imperative to state why your customers would benefit from your products.
  • Recommend those products that you are familiar with.
  • Make use of several resources to know how your customers or investors respond. Promote your products from different enterprises.
  • Choose your campaigns wisely.
  • Do test and Optimise your conversion rate consistently.
  • There is a need for innovation now and then, so stay updated with current trends.
  • Focus on your affiliate traffic sources, as it’s essential to know where your traffic is coming from, which helps you understand the demographics.

The Bottom Line

At times Affiliate marketing can be money-making, but what most marketers fail to realise is it does take a lot of time, patience and money to make it a real one.

Also, remember to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. If you’re hoping to build a rewarding website, diversifying your income streams is a smart move rather than focusing all your energies on one dimension. And suppose your affiliate marketing revenue dries up, traditional advertisements and selling your products can be your saviour!



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