Know all about Affiliate marketing

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Are you tired of waking up early? Driving to the office in those jammed streets with other half-asleep commuters. Slogging throughout the day, meeting client’s expectations, and gazing at the clock till it strikes 6 pm. The next day the same thing again! Sounds monotonous, right? What if we say you can earn money any …

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Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Businesses?

Social Media

It is quite unbelievable if you haven’t heard this term Social Media over the last few years as it isn’t a buzzword anymore. This phenomenon has completely changed the environment. Let us be more precise; it has changed the whole world and, particularly, the marketing dimension. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are filled with hundreds of millions …

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Email Marketing: Here are some tips to get started.

email marketing

In today’s connected world, digital marketing has played an important role in furthering business campaigns. With more than 60% of businesses transitioned to online mediums, it has become necessary to provide a comprehensive strategy that helps retain customers by understanding their needs. Email Marketing has become a major part of digital marketing through the use …

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