Marketing 101 – Tips on what NOT to do

Marketing campaigns

As I’m sure you already know, marketing is a fast-paced and results-driven business. And with that in mind, it can be easy to dive into designing your next campaign under a tight deadline and end up being hounded under a big cloud of pressure from your clients or supervisors. While driving up sales should always …

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Know all about Affiliate marketing

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Are you tired of waking up early? Driving to the office in those jammed streets with other half-asleep commuters. Slogging throughout the day, meeting client’s expectations, and gazing at the clock till it strikes 6 pm. The next day the same thing again! Sounds monotonous, right? What if we say you can earn money any …

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Digital marketing the buzz word of 2021? Secrets of a successful digital marketer!

Digital Marketing

When you hear Digital Marketing, you might feel overwhelmed, but trust me it’s fun and interesting. Once you master the art of Digital Marketing, you’ll be unstoppable! Before we start talking more about Digital Marketing, let’s first know what is Digital Marketing? In layman’s terms, it’s a marketing activity done over digital platforms. I know …

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